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This film dives deep into thrift culture. The purpose is to familiarize people with thrifting. I want to understand why people thrift and how thrifting benefits them. In addition, I am curious to know their opinions on commercialising thrifting and how capitalism and inflation have affected them.

Currently, the nature and culture of thrifting are growing and being recognized more by society. Big businesses or people with a large sum of income see this as an opportunity to profit off thrift items. They stock thrift items in bulk, leaving fewer items for people who do not have the privilege of purchasing from retail stores. They resell these items at a high price to people who are scared of the environment of thrifting or have no idea where to purchase thrift clothes.


‘Seeing Solid’ is a film that is engulfed by the admiration of the graffiti that surrounds the walls of Braamfontein, a suburb that has a concentrated student populace. Some businesses benefit from the artsy nature of the graffiti bombings, while other businesses pay securities to be the bane of people like Solids’ existence. This film engages with graffiti artist Solid Roc to find out more about the world of graffiti.


An observational documentary on how just 23.9% of female skaters are represented in the world of skating. This led to the importance of figuring out whether there are more of us who skate, and how comfortable we are at skateparks around male skaters.

This documentary takes place at the Milpark Skatepark, and follows a girl who is facing issues of being stigmatised because of her gender. We also look at how she consistently proves to us what skating means to her. The purpose of this documentary is to encourage girls to break off societal norms and just go on to pursue what they want for themselves, regardless of whether society approves of it or not.


African Bakery takes us through Mrs Qondi Nhlapho’s journey as a baker and business owner. The female entrepreneur revisits her story from when she started selling from the comfort of her home, creating job opportunities for others around her. She later finds the courage to open her own bakery in the busy streets of Braam, employing other women with similar backgrounds as herself. Mrs Nhlapho focuses on the trails and obstacles she has overcome throughout her sales journey. As a working woman herself and a business owner, she is proud of how far she taken her mother’s teachings.


This video serves as a pilot for a Women in Boxing documentary on ‘Smash’ Hadebe and her rise to fame. Produced by GGM South Africa.


Finding Home is a narrative documentary that is observational, which is character based and character driven. The story takes place in South Africa right in the midst of the vibrant city called Braamfontein, where corner to corner you find a hair salon that is run by non-South Africans. The story takes place and revolves around the world of a Zimbabwean sister who is always seen as an outsider and is often belittled because of the type of occupation she was thrown into to survive. She came to South Africa in search of a better life but often finds that the journey is not an easy one. The narrative explores a sense of belonging, longing for a home, and the idea of looking for solace and redemption in a foreign country.


Produced by the GGM LA 2024 class, focused on the Watts Community in South Central Los Angeles. The video asks the question, What is Community? And the answer they find is LOVE…

Global Girl Media Greece at the Athens WOW Women’s Festival!

For the second year in a row, GGM Greece is participating in the Athens WOW Women’s Festival, 2024 held at the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center. GGM Greece produced four videos of women’s stories that highlight dedication, courage and resilience. Four true stories that focus on a different background each time: a female member of the Greek Muslim Roma community of Thrace, a mother of an LGBTI+ child, a refugee and survivor of gender-based violence, and a filmmaker empowering young female activists through digital media education. The aim is through these stories is to strengthen the voices of women from all walks of life, offering the public the opportunity to hear first-hand people they would not meet in their everyday lives talking about sensitive issues, about paths of personal development that inspire, for the transformative power of solidarity.


A creative and insightful look at the hot topic of identity, using animation and intimate exploration, through the engaging eyes of three LatinX young women living in Los Angeles.


Daze Aghaji always felt a connection to nature. She explains why she now describes herself as a climate activist – and what we can all do to make a difference.

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