GGM Reporters Speak Out About Vaccine Accessibility — CORONA #IRL

GlobalGirl Media reporters Ingrid from Guatemala, Mahmonir from Greece, and Morisha from the U.K. were featured on June 27th, alongside world leaders, scientists, performing artists, and activists to speak out about the need for a vaccine that is accessible to all. See their videos on the CORONA IRL page.
MORISA: London, U.K.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Morisha has been quarantining at home with her mother and grandmother, and reports on how her mother, a “first-responder” working for NHS, has to maintain distance from them to keep her grandmother safe. A moving story of how three generations of Tamil women learn from each other and the pandemic.
Adele and Mahmonir are best friends, both refugees from Afghanistan who met in Greece. But their lives are torn apart when one of them leaves with her family to go to Germany. This is a story of a remarkable friendship, one that during the Corona crisis, helps both of them survive.
Ingrid takes us into Villa Nueva, a low-income neighborhood where she lives, to show how day laborers and local vendors are getting by under Covid-19.
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