I got a chance to attend the first ever NFL Women’s Summit at the in San Francisco. There keynote speakers talked of their experience with sports and life after sports. Keynote speakers included Condoleeza Rice, Jordin Sparks, Dawn Hudson, Billie Jean King, and many others. They talked about the importance of sports and how the lessons learned while playing on a team transcend into shaping people into great business women and men.

At the conference I got a chance to interview Combat Medic and Paralympic swimmer, Sergeant Elizabeth Marks. Sergeant Elizabeth Marks  talked about her experience in the army and how she overcame the many different obstacles she had to face because of her injuries and health problems.  Adversity reared its head in her life and because of her love for sports and her country, she persevered and made an impact.

As an athlete, I was inspired by the stories I heard at the NFL Women’s Summit and just listening to the words of encouragement from all the women and men at the summit, made me want to be better on and off the field.  I believe this event is important for the betterment of young women across the globe and I hope there will be many more to come.

Below is a link to the GlobalGirl Media Women’s Summit video for a chance to look at more interviewees and Keynote speakers.


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