SOUTH AFRICA: #FreeBornFreeMind


GLOBALGIRL MEDIA SOUTH AFRICA has launched a special digital campaign on the national elections! With #FreeBornFreeMind, the GlobalGirls in South Africa are taking to the streets of Johannesburg to ask the free-born generation how they feel about the elections, the various political parties, and the experience of voting for the first time.

For the first time since independence, a generation of young South Africans will be voting on the National Elections on May 7th. Referred to as the “free-born” because they were born after 1994 and the end of apartheid, all eyes are on this group of young voters. But who are they? How do they feel about their country, its history, and the current leadership? With more than 25 percent unemployment, the elections have generated a lot of interest among jobless young people – who comprise over 25 million of the eligible voting population. The  project,  called  “Free  Born,  Free  Mind,”  asks  the  central  question:  “What  do  the  2014 elections mean to you?” An investigation of youth exercising their democratic rights, the report will also look at how digital and social media are influencing the young voters, what they want to  see  in  civic  and  political  discourse  in  their  country,  and  ultimately  how  does  it  feel  to experience “freedom” at the polling booth.

Join the conversation at #FreeBornFreeMind.

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