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5I was awarded a scholarship to take part in the Trust Women Conference, held in London on the 16-22 of November, by the Reuters Foundation. GlobalGirl Media applied on my behalf to take part as a delegate and to report for GlobalGirl Media as well.

My whole life, I have always been interested in media. In 2010, GlobalGirl Media took me in with no experience in media and trained me as a journalist, video editor, reporter, producer and director. I trained for four years and I’m still involved, telling the stories that need to be told.

I have learned a lot as a young woman and I have matured to understand what a woman – a strong woman – is defined to be. Going after my dreams and making a difference in all circumstances has become a priority for me. Also, 6

bringing about change where I can is one of the things I take pride in.

I acknowledge the opportunities granted before me and I take them and fly high, never to loose and regret the reasons why I never used them. I would love to study media production or filming, and I will not give up until I get that opportunity.

I thank all the people who go to the extreme to help walk my path of discovering my highest potential. I am capable and I strive for the best with less resources, so that even the ones born after me shall have me to look up to.

I thank Afton Branches, GlobalGirl Media and the South African Embassy in London for the reception they organized for us, and I thank Jesus Christ for the life he has given me.


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