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Pictured Diva: Nomalungelo Mkhize

An Exhibition of Photographs by Charmain Carrol, The Constitutional Court.

Chubby Vogue Divas is an exhibition of photographs which celebrates chubby women and tells their individual stories.

With Chubby Vogue Divas I wanted to create a platform in which the fuller woman can be celebrated. In photographing these women, I wanted to create a space that allowed them to feel good about themselves and their bodies. Like a super model or diva, they got to try on clothes and put on makeup in front of the camera.

Growing up I loved magazines, looking at the pretty girls in beautiful clothes but I never could relate to the images of the skinny bony women.

In my everyday life in the Eastern Cape, women were fuller figured. Growing up chubby, I became self-conscious. I always questioned why I never saw women that looked like me in the billboards and magazines.

Over the years, as I dealt with my own fears and insecurities about my weight, I developed a fascination with the female shape. I came to accept my curvy body and developed a self-confidence and self-assurance in it. I learned to appreciate that beauty came in different shapes and sizes as I explored fashions and styles that made me feel comfortable.

I am passionate about building the self-esteem and confidence of bigger or fuller women. The women in these photographs come from a diverse set of backgrounds. Each has their own story to tell.

– Charmain Carrol

Charmain is a member of GlobalGirl Media South Africa. Her exhibition is made up of 21 large A1 prints, one for each of the 21 years of democracy. The cost of printing each photograph is R450 and the cost of framing each photo is R970. On behalf of Charmain, GlobalGirl Media is hereby seeking funding to support her in mounting the exhibition.

Peter Mehlape – Board of Directors GlobalGirl Media SA.


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