By Naima Llmsaadi, Morocco GlobalGirl
IMG_4367-300x225What a great lifetime experience, to assist in one of the greatest conferences, the Trust Women Conference in London, put on by the Reuters Foundation.

Being a citizen journalist with Global Girl Media Morocco opened a lot of doors and challenges, experiences and unforgettable moments, and this time it took me all the way to London!
As soon as the plane landed, I felt how much responsibility I had on my shoulders to represent all Global Girls everywhere, but especially for my team back in Morocco.

The conference was two days of discussions and great panels. I was so interested in how they discussed putting women at the heart of big cities, in terms of safety, and how unsafe transportation can prevent women from success. And that is something GlobalGirl Media would love to break the silence and talk about, ie: how unequal it is for a women to suffer from violence, abuse or even fear while working or living in a big city, and what we can do to prevent that.

Of course the Trust Women Conference isn’t only about bringing up issues but also finding solutions, like how they designed apps so women can report and share about any kind of abuses they experience in the busses, streets, etc. At least women could get the sense that they aren’t out there alone.

What a great platform the Reuters’s Foundation created to meet up with young women lawyers, leaders, teachers, founders of NGOs and companies, women in decision making. ISN’T IT INSPIRING? It gives me such hope; ability and desire to just become successful, useful, active and a good ambassador for my own community.

The conference wasn’t only about that, Global Girl Media got the privilege to interview and talk with amazing speaks, leaders and Nobel Prize laureates. We were running against time, reaching out to people during coffee breaks and lunches. It was like a double job to both assist in panels and be a journalist. I personally was taking my journalist skills to a high level of professionalism, as I had to think, act fast and come up with good questions that would impress those I interviewed. It wasn’t so intimidating after all as I personally had the honor to interview Muhammad Yunus (Chairman, Yunus Centre and Founder, Grameen Bank (Bangladesh), Vivek Maru (CEO, Namati) and many others, who truly shared their success keys, challenges and struggles to become who they are now, change makers.

The other amazing thing about my visit to London was participating in a reception to honor GlobalGirl Media, that was sponsored by the South African Embassy and Brand South Africa in London, where we spoke about our future projects and how GlobalGirl Media is fighting to get more girls involved in media to speak their minds. We were so blessed by the people who attended, who evaluated our work, and showed their support.

One my most remarkable moments was our visit to the studio of Anish Kappor, one of the greatest living sculptors and artists today. We interviewed him about his art, his work and how it is affecting women’s empowerment.
I just couldn’t take his words out of my mind, how we are political whether we want to be or not, and how “every action is political.”

I even got plenty time to explore the great city of London, understand its mechanism, and I observed how people are just working so hard, hurrying always to get into tubes and go straight to work.

Finally, since I was used to only working with other GlobalGirls from Morocco, I got this time to work closely with an amazing GlobalGirl from South Africa, Zizipho Kesw, and we exchanged a lot of ideas and thoughts on how we could connect as girls from Africa, from the very North and the very South. We agreed GlobalGirl Media should collaborate more to be productive, and what an amazing opportunity it was to learn from each other’s mistakes. We even went together to a Moroccan restaurant, so she could experience a little of my culture!

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