Marital Infidelity: Men Cheating

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Maroi-145x1501By: Maroi Ech-Charkaouy

November 6, 2012



A few weeks ago, I came across an online news report about a Tangier woman who ran over her husband with her car after she saw him with another woman.

The husband survived, but his legs were broken and he sustained injuries to other parts of his body.  His wife was arrested.

This is not the first time a wife has been charged with assaulting her husband in a jealous rage.  While women may be charged with some sort of assault, Moroccan men are also charged with infidelity.

A five-year study by the Directorate of Studies and Cooperation and Modernization – Department of Research and Legislation –found that 962 men cheated on their wives. The Family Justice study which was conducted from 2004 to 2008 found that 576 of those men were charged with marital infidelity. At least 386 men were released after their wives pardoned them.

The Arab World is not immune from marital infidelity simply because of its conservative culture.  After I heard the story about the woman in Tangier, I asked some people why men betrayed their wives.

“She’s bossy,’’ some said. Others said men cheat because “the wife doesn’t give him what he wants or she doesn’t fulfill her duty to her husband.’’ Others said some men have a hard time committing to one woman.

I don’t support any of these reasons. These excuses are another indication of how men try to escape their problems instead of finding real solutions to dealing with their infidelity.

Most women say finding out about their husband’s infidelity is one of the worst feelings in the world. I asked some women about the Tangier’s woman response to her husband’s cheating. The majority of the women I talked to said they would do the same thing or worse.

Some women said they would seek divorce, regardless of whether they can  support themselves or not. Some women said they prefer to move back in with their parents rather than live in a house with an unfaithful husband.

Fatima said: “What she did is normal and right, ‘’ said Fatima, one of the women I interviewed. “She needs the support of all Moroccan women because she’s not the only one suffering from this issue. Many Moroccan women are living in the same hell. And of course, men find it easy to blame the poor woman who is responsible for all housework and the raising of children.”

But other women said they would try to find a solution to the problem because they have their children to think about.

Dr. Jaidi Mohamed, a psychiatrist in Tétuan, said people who cheat on a spouse are inconsiderate.

“Some people just do whatever they like without considering their partner’s feelings,’’ he said. “In many cases, infidelity leads the other partner into an insane jealousy and they end up committing a crime.’’

Men who cheat also put their wives at risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and much more.

It is disheartening that women work so hard in the home and in the professional world, but she has to deal with infidelity. Women don’t have to accept their husband’s infidelity. If men are free to cheat, would society accept a woman who cheats on her husband? I don’t think so.

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