Journalist Round Table in Morocco

​In Rabat, Morocco on the March 21st, 2017 GGM Morocco partnered with  Amazigh Women Voices Association to produce  a round table on Moroccan Women Journalists: Personal Experiences and Challenges.

About 10 motivated and active girls attended the event where which three outstanding Moroccan journalists  shared their experiences with these young reporters.
GGM Morocco Rabat round table

The  first professional journalists to speak was Hanane Harrath, who previously worked and wrote for multiple TV channels and newsletters/magazines such as the Huffington Post and TV 5. Now Hanane serves as  the Editor-in-Chief of multiple programs in MEDI 1 TV, including 60minutes to Understand.

Then,  Lamiae Khalloufi spoke; she is the Editing Secretary for Masdar Media. Animator Keltoum Zadou then took the lead who is an animator in IMSA Radio, the 1st associative radio station shedding light on the Amazigh Women of Morocco.

The professional women shared their experiences in media and how came to be leaders in their fields where mostly men dominate. To the girls, the speakers emphasized to the girls to always follow one’s dreams and to not let others, especially men, keep you down. Always remember and live that you are an equal person. Hanane pointed to the importance of keeping work relationships non-personal. In her experience, men need to learn that women are professional co-workers, not a potential romantic relationship. Ultimately, the speakers urged the girls live the equality you want to see. For example, the panelists were not expected to become managers by the very people they now manage.

This is success. The global girls in attendance had a fun and unique day connecting with the women media leaders in Morocco.

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