Huffington Post Features GGM Morocco Reporters

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Huffington Post, in their piece about the YouTube DoGooder Awards, featured GlobalGirl Media as an example of how youth media can make a global impact. Read the full article here.



Youth media can, like any media, make a huge difference locally, nationally, and even globally.

One example of this kind of power is the work of 20-year-old feminist organizers Majdouline Lyazidi and Nada Rifki, in partnership with the U.S.-based nonprofit, GlobalGirl Media, a media education organization that aims to bring young, global women’s perspectives on critical social issues into the media landscape.

Majdouline and Nada are trained as GlobalGirl media correspondents. In 2012, they together produced the “Morocco Protests” report. This report documents public protests that took place in Rabat against a Moroccan penal code, inherited from French colonial rule, that under certain circumstances, forces women into marrying the men who sexually assault them. The report was grounded in the perspective of its producers, two 20-year-old feminists, and also included the ideas of a young Moroccan man who openly and proudly identifies as a feminist.

While the video did not air on Moroccan television networks, thanks to the social media networks of those involved, as well as feminists’ prominence across the social media landscape, the video went viral.

It was picked up by European feminist blogs and eventually, news of subsequent protests reached outlets like The New York Times and Huffington Post and in 2014, the Moroccan government struck down the section of the penal code in question. GlobalGirl Founder Amie Williams notes the video as one of GlobalGirl’s most successful examples of how a video can impact women’s lives and safety.

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