GlobalGirl Media Morocco Launches the Get Lucky Project

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get

Our last project contributed to raise awareness on Sexual Harassment in Morocco which translated in a law project criminalizing Sexual Harassment in the streets. Now, we want to empower women through entrepreneurship.

The mission of GlobalGirl Media is to empower young girls and women around the world. We pinpoint the issues that create obstacles in their journey through life by giving insights about the issue at hand, why is the situation the way it is and what are the actions that can lead to change.

We seek to put the problem on the spotlight and then trigger the actions of the communities’ individuals and organizations.


Many of our projects, not just in Morocco but in other countries such as South Africa, translated in solutions for the concerned communities as we were also building bridges between people and organizations whom when they came together were able to make the first steps toward solving the issues that we reported and documented.

Through our experience, as GlobalGirl Media members but also as young women, we came to the conclusion that financial independence is one of the primal foundations for empowering women, enabling them to make their own choices and take charge of their lives which would eventually lead them to happiness.

Many of the members of GlobalGirl Media have a background in Economics and/or Management and are very much aware of the fact that soon Morocco will face an unemployment crisis that will impact its social stability; mainly because of demographic reasons but also because of the poor quality of Morocco’s academic education.

With the Get Lucky project we aim to contribute to the solution by inspiring, encouraging, and informing young women on the process of starting and managing a business via blog posts and interviews with successful entrepreneurs as a first step.

Our final goal is to create an online platform for these young women where they can seek advice and insights from successful entrepreneurs and experts while providing written toolkits and guides on specific general and technical issues that they face in their entrepreneur journey.

If you want to contribute with your insights or advice, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or drop us a twitter!

Every veiled woman can make a difference in the world. A woman’s ability has nothing to do with how she chooses to cover her head or not.

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