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Make a Change

by valdezv90

It’s been an issue in social media where women are constantly putting down other women. When did this went viral? Is this the way to reach to the top and succeed together to get equal pay? be treated equal? No. I don’t blame you why ? We have grown into a society where the man is the “god” and they don’t want us to be equal because they fear our potential from day one. Us WOMEN have to stand up together hold our sisters hands and change the world. “real women help each other up, not put each other down”. If we succeed our whole community succeeds too. We have to be educated, never limit what we are capable of because then we will never take positions that have been taken prohibit to us. One last thing NEVER let no one repeat no one tell you that you can’t do it because you are a women.





AUGUST 7, 2015

All I can ever give the world is my empathy and selflessness, from there pours love, aid and compassion.

When i see others suffer, my heart cries for them.

When I see one help another, I see kinship. I see brotherhood. I see sincerity.

That is love.

I want you to feel my love.

Because like knowledge, love is free and it pour infinitely down on me.




Confidence is always brought down so easily, and so hard to be brought back up. Haven’t you ever felt like that? Confidence is brought down on what people judge you about, in what they say to you. Not knowing the consequences to what they say, can cause you feel. Sometimes we tend to pay attention to what people tell us or what people may be talking behind our back. That tends to bring down our self esteem and our confidences in anything we do. I’d love for everyone to always be confident in anything they do but unfortunately thats not possible because there’s always that one person or thing that’s always going to bring you back down. No matter what happens.. what people say about us, we always have to stand back up. We can’t just give up that easily. We gotta keep on fighting!!




Dear Readers,

Racism. According to my history class, I used to believe it ended a long time ago, but it’s still going on. Everyday from walking down the street to watching the news. I am Chinese, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. I always felt very proud of my mixed culture until I started middle school. In the sixth grade, my peers thought that I always did well in academics because I was Asian. For a while I started to believe that at one point even though I knew in my heart, it wasn’t true. I couldn’t relate to any other Asian girls because I was the only one at my school. I felt alone, but then I saw a Hispanic friend getting bullied because they thought she smoked weed. Then I realized that it wasn’t just my race, but all being stereotyped. We are all the human race even though we have different backgrounds, ages, genders, and sexual orientation. That’s why it’s important to stand up for who you are because you were born this way for a reason.


Ariel :)


In our society, we’ve subconsciously decided what is appropriate or inappropriate for girls and boys. Gender roles are the the idea that women and men have to act or dress a certain way to fit the social norm. Many teens are still trying to figure out who they are, but these roles that society has instituted are restricting them from living their life as their true self. People say that masculinity should ONLY be for males and femininity is ONLY appropriate for females, but we shouldn’t be put in a box because everyone has the right to wear, like, and do what they want. If a boy wants to be a princess for Halloween then let him! If a girl wants to be Captain America then let her too! Everyone wants to do what makes them happy but too many people try to take away a person’s happiness.



Everyone Deserves to Live Without Fear


I have chosen to write about immigration in the United States. But I want you to open your heart and try to see it in a more personal perspective. I do not know who you are or in what situation you are right now. But take a moment to imagine how it would be if you were living in the United States living “illegally” and therefore you have an uncertain future. There is the fear of being deported, not being able to get a job that pays you at least minimum wage and knowing that you won’t be able to get any social security money for when you are too old to work.

On top of all that, there is the racism and knowing that if you go back to your country you won’t be able to have a good life either. I think it’s time that we give these immigrants a chance to live without fear. A chance to have a life. An opportunity to live life like a human being. We can’t just open the borders for everyone, but I think there are ways to know who is here in search of a better future. It’s too easy to say, “let’s deport everyone”, but we would be destroying lives, friendships, relationships, etc., etc.


August 7, 2015


This is the end of the two weeks I spent as a part of the Global Girl Media program. I can answer honestly that I’ve met girls from all over Los Angeles that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for GGM. Apart from creating friendships that I am sure will last beyond these two weeks, I have gotten a lot out of this program. I’ve learned how to operate a camera and set up a microphone. I, along with other girls in this program, have played an imperative role in both pre- and post-production. I learned that filmmaking is an incredibly engaging process and no small task – even a short, 5-minute feature takes weeks to finish. GGM has become a close-knit community of motivated and empowered teen girls, who are ready to tackle issues of social injustice for women in the media and issues like gender roles and gender inequality.


Thank you GGM for a wonderful experience.





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