L.A. Girls and Food: Friends or Foes?

July 7, 2013

By Remington Bennett

FRemingtonFramedood is one of my best friends. Yes, I have actual human friends as well. However, when it comes to food there is an everlasting satisfaction that it brings me. Food never disappoints me, it’s always there for me, and most importantly it makes me happy. For these reasons, I feel that food has earned its position as one of my best friends. Although I share this indescribable bond with food, I have noticed that many of my Los Angeles peers do not always feel the same way.

Living in Los Angeles, I have noticed the pressure the media has put on women and girls to feel as though they need to exemplify a certain look. A “look” that would be hard to achieve by enjoying all of the flavorful foods that exist in this world. Being from L.A., I can’t accurately speak for the rest of the U.S. (or the world), so I may be completely wrong when I say that this effect doesn’t seem to have as large of an impact in many other places. Of course, the media has a strong influence on how Americans everywhere feel about the way they look. However, I feel that actually living in an area where much of the media is produced can make a lot of L.A. girls want to obtain an unrealistic image of what they see in movies and on TV. Many girls and women think one of the biggest ways they will achieve this “perfect” image is by loosing weight. So, for many girls this means bye bye macaroons. Adios, bread. No thanks, chocolate. But oh yes, pressed juices. Come to me, pressed juices. Come!

To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to spruce up your diet. As a matter of fact, I encourage it! Being healthy is one of the best ways to feel energized and happy. What is sometimes misconstrued are the reasons behind the dieting. It is one thing to diet because you personally feel you need to be healthier, but it is another thing to do it because you want to be like the celebrities you see in magazines and in all those other places they seem to show up. Neglecting food, for this reason, will leave a person feeling restless rather than satisfied.

A lot of the times, I see girls look down at their food with such disdain. As if they are talking to the food in their mind saying, “Don’t taunt me, don’t taunt me, DO NOT taunt me.” My motto for situations like these is: Don’t think deprivation, think moderation. What people tend to forget, nowadays, is that you can still enjoy your favorite foods, trim the fat, and be happy all at the same time! But, this problem is bigger than trying to avoid food. The real problem is how young girls and even adult women are treating food like it’s their biggest enemy, when, in reality, they need it more than it needs them. So, looking forward, think about what your diet means to you. Is it your way to fit into the confining image that the media has created? Or, is it an honest attempt to feel good about yourself? Most importantly, be friendly with your food. Love it and respect it, because it is something worth cherishing.

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