Mother/Madre: A short documentary/oral history project in Coachella Valley, CA.


The Eastern Coachella Valley, a rural desert community, 99% Latino, with 59.8% of its residents have less than a high school education, and 25.8% live below the poverty level, with a per capita income of less than $7,000.

12 girls from this community, aged 14-18 years old, came together over the 2013-2014 Winter Break to produce three short web-video documentaries, (3-5 minutes), about their mothers. These “madres” will tell the young girls their own stories about immigration, women’s roles in their families/communities and their aspirations and dreams. Being listened to and acknowledged maybe for the first time, the girls’ mothers, tias and abuelas can recall their own experiences as young girls and as immigrants, fostering a deeper understanding of their crucial role as female leaders in their families. Through this process, the young girls will potentially discover the potential for building self-esteem, pride and motivation for becoming a leader or activist in their own communities.

Watch all three Mother/Madre videos:
My Mother’s Courage
Breaking the Cycle
I am Not Ashamed

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