WHO AM I? Pieces by GGM Chicago Reporters


Name: Ebony Marshall
Age: 17
School: Young Women’s Leadership Charter School


I am that girl in the corner
That brown girl with the wicked frizzy hair
And the sarcastic sense of humor
And the small voice
And the even smaller nose
Who looks like she’s coming undone
But maybe that’s because I don’t drink milk like I’m supposed to
I am the one with the shaky hands and steady heartbeat
The “calm cool and oh so collected” friend
I am auntie, sister, friend, and girlfriend
I am necessary. I am heard.
I am the offerer and rarely the taker.
I am inflection, and perception
The sun’s shimmer is reflected in the melanin in my skin
I am not lesser than, never have been, never will be.
I am hindsight and insight.
I need only be asked.


Name: Angelica Medina
Age: 17
School: Chicago Hope Academy


High Maintenance.
Thick Skinned.
A fighter.
I have all of these qualities and they make me who I AM.



Name: Rosa Paredes
Age: 16
School: Roosevelt high school

Who am I?

Who am I? I’m the female who isn’t scared of failure
I’m the young woman who doesn’t believe in barriers
I’m the Latina who surpasses her parents’ goals for her
I’m the Guatemalan who takes the opportunities isolated from her
I’m the Immigrant who doesn’t use the lack of opportunities as an excuse
I’m the DREAMER who can’t stop dreaming of the future
I’m the feminist who won’t stop fighting for the equality we deserve
I’m the Roosevelt student who cares about the fairness of her education
I’m the Albany Park representative who tries to advocate for her community
I’m the Swimmer who swims the extra lap to better myself in every event
I’m the soon-to-be chef who won’t stop cooking because of low resources
I’m the writer who only writes the truth about the reality in this world
I’m the bigger sister who will help her brothers accomplish everything they can
I’m the daughter who will awe her parents with every achievement she has
I am Rosa and I’m an ambitious woman with the desire to exceed every expectation



Name: Teka Johnson
School: Kenwood Academy High School

Who Am I?

I am hurt.
I am weak.
I am alone.
I am depressed.
I am scarred.

But i am also a woman.
I am a woman who will not show she’s weak.
I am a woman who will not show that she’s hurt.
I am a woman who will try her best not to show that she’s depressed.
But i am not a woman who will hide her scars.
I will reveal them.

Because I am a woman that is strong.
And I will let the world see my scars.
Not because I’m weak.
But to give sunlight to those who created the scars.
And maybe,
Just maybe,
My scars will begin to fade.
And I will no longer have that ugly bruise to show.

So later maybe i could say
I am courageous.
I am beautiful.
I am not alone.
But most of all,
I am happy.



By: Kianna Goss
Age: 15
School: Westinghouse High School

Who Am I…

I am a girl, a girl that’s strong.
Who loves to be right, even when I’m wrong?
The girl, with one of the biggest smiles.
With patience, but just for a little while.
The girl, with her nose in her books.
Who use to be insecure with her looks?
But, confidence is what it took.
The girl, who seen the struggle from her mother.
Heard disrespectful words that came from her brother.
The girl, who has two fathers.
Because my real daddy was a dead beat.
Until, another man walked into my life and took my daddy seat.
Now, the one who took my daddy seat is a dead beat.
How can men call their selves father’s on these cruel streets?
My life is no fairytale.
I wonder can God hear my cries and yells?
My story is what made me.
Don’t let hard times stop you from being what you want to be.
But, I can tell you one thing.
Hard work, Success, Confidence, and Beauty is what I bleed!
I am a beautiful proud young lady can’t you see?
This is who I am
Now who are you?



Name: Che’mari Kent
Age: 15
School: Riverside Brookfield High School

Who Am I?

Who Am I? Well, I’m just a teenage girl trying to find her way in this world. Wanting to give up when things aren’t going right. I am just a girl who’s taking chances to see where they will take me. I am chasing my dreams so everyone knows where I’m headed.

I am learning and striving just to be a better person, as I look back on what I’ve been through knowing that’s a place I don’t want to revisit. I am just a girl who comes off as mean and stuck up but laid back and down to earth once you get to know me. I am more focused on my future and not my past. I am the one who gives advice to others but can’t help myself. I am someone who wants to attend Howard University and become a News Anchor or Music Journalist!

I am a teenager who loves Mary Mary and Tamar Braxton. I am someone who tries to run away from things through music. I think a lot but don’t talk a lot. I am a girl who loves to sing, dance, shop and have fun! I am just a girl with dreams and aspirations.

I am someone who wants to make her family proud. I am a girl who can be described as cool, loyal, smart, talented, funny but shy, trustworthy, classy and self-made! I am someone who can write down everything that’s on her mind but can’t talk about it. I am someone who remains the same no matter what; I am someone who doesn’t care what others have to say about me! I am someone who is confident and loves herself.

I am someone who will go above and beyond for her family and friends! I am someone who likes to meet new people who share the same interests as her. I am someone who is always available for her friends and family. I am spoiled but also mature. I am Che’mari Kent!

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Name: Kayla Stokes
School: Bronzeville Scholastic Institute
Age: 16

Who am I?
Who am I? Some may say I’m just an average teenager who is just trying to get by. I am a girl with a dream to attend Alabama A&M with a major in Marketing and Business. I am a girl who loves to dance and make up Choreography. I am someone who loves music. I am someone who loves Tink, TLC, Jhene AIko, and Childish Gambino. I am someone who loves to be around friends and family. I am a go-getter, I like to go out and work for what I deserve. I am an Honor Student at Bronzeville Scholastic Institute. I am a Drama Queen. I am someone who loves to act. I am someone who would put a family or close friends’ needs before my own. I am a junior in high school still trying to make it in the world; I fear that I won’t make it to my grandmother’s age because of the City I live in. I am someone who loves herself. I am someone who likes to stand out instead of fit in. I am someone who likes meeting new people and doing new things. I am very opened minded. I am a God fearing young girl. I am someone who enjoys going to church. I am someone who embraces my inner and outer beauty. I am Loyal, Smart, Beautiful and…


Maleydi Roman
Lane Technical High School

Who am I?

I am who I say I am.
I am a girl.
So call me ma’am.
I can do more than twirl,

Look pretty, and clean.
There is so much more to me
Than it may seem.
I am free to be

Whatever I want.
I can be a success
Without having to flaunt.
I am more not less.

I am kind,
But not naïve.
I have a mind
And I believe.

I have a brain.
I have a voice.
I am unique not plain.
I’ve made a choice

To be strong,
And smart,
And there’s nothing wrong
To have your heart

Set to be the best of the best.
To be the best me I can be
I will not rest
Until I can honestly agree

That I did all I could.
I am driven.
I am good.
My all is what I’ve given.

I am who I say I am.
I say I am more.
I say I will strive and soar.
And that is who I am.



Danna Garduño
Lincoln Park High School

Who am I?
I am…
the Latina who enjoys spending time with her family, who embraces her culture to the max and never backs down from something she believes she can do

the girl that loves to volunteer at her mom’s job because she gets to help in the classrooms which will help her in future events

the daughter of proud Mexican parents who taught me, their daughter the principles and secrets of life

the student that strives and works really hard to get good grades for her and her parents

the young teen who likes to have a good time and values friendship

the person who loves to travel and wishes to meet new places



Name: Shirbriya Holmes
School: CICS Ralph Ellison High School
Age: 9th Grade

Who Am I ?

I am Athletic
I Am Determined
I Am Acknowledgeable

Who Am I ..
I Am a Girl Who Never Gives Up
I Am Who I Am!

Who Am I
I Am A Person Who Always Succeeds &
Always Speak Up For My Self When Other’s Are Telling Me Who Am I

I Am Shirbriya Holmes And This is Who I Am.


Name: Karmen Rice
School: Senior at De La Salle Institute
Age: 17

Who am I?
That’s easy:
I am Child of God
I am a girl
I am a feminist
I am a caffeine head
I am a Chicagoan
I am a music head
I am XO
I am a student
I am pro choice and pro woman
I am a black girl who won’t become a statistic
I am Who I am. (Exodus 3:14)
I am a senior, class of 2016
I am a LaSallian
I am De La Salle
I am a commuter
I am a defender of people who can’t defend themselves
I am a peacemaker
I am a world changer
I am a caretaker
I am a struggler
I am a dreamer
I am a producer
I am a reporter
I am a blogger
I am the future

I am NOT what you want me to be
I am not your expectation
I am Karmen Camille Rice a senior at De La Salle Institute of the south side of Chicago


Name: Allyson Lin
Age: 15
School: Whitney M. Young HS

“Who I Am”

I am the city I live and grew up in,
Soaring skyscrapers stretching as far as the eye can see,
People that know who you are and where you’ve been,
And opportunities for thousands of miles, the infinite place to be.

I am the strong steam engine,
Huffing and puffing, blowing powerful winds every which way,
Our transportation systems, a technique of travel,
Are historically important to this modern day.

I am the hard workers up to their elbows in grease.
People on the streets, performing their heart and souls just to be heard
Too many acts only for the fame, each wishing, wanting, willing for a piece
All the action may be too much to handle, causing our vision to be blurred

I am the homeless, the citizens less favored,
Extreme measures taken to survive in the city,
Each scrap of food, one thin, scraggly blanket savored,
Some are charitable; some will never accept the pity.

The shining tourist-attracted bean, all the parks, and every mall
I am the great, windy city of Chicago,
The grime of our subways, hotdogs, contemporary art, and all.
I am this city, my identity today and each tomorrow.



Name: Theresa Speights
School: Baker College Prep
Age: 15

Who I Am?

I am a young woman who want’s to achieve all her goals in life.

I am a young woman who wants to graduate from high school in the U.S., to go to Oxford University in the U.K.

I am a young woman who has lost a lot of loved ones to the point where she felt she wanted to be lost too.

I am a young woman who see’s pain daily that her reaction to it is just a smirk.

I am a young woman who thinks that sometimes her personality is too much for people to take in.

I am a young woman who wants to do so much but scared everyday that she might be one to lose her life just walking to the train on the streets of Chicago.

But I am a young woman who believes in god and believes he can make all my pain go away.

I am Theresa Speights and this is Who I Am.



Gabriela Perez
UCSN Major Hector P. Garcia MD High School
17 years old

“Oh forget it!”
Discouraging words in moments of fear.
But I stay strong, not showing a tear.
Dying inside with the fear;
Being a girl and Hispanic is clear.
I can’t change and I won’t disappear.

I come from doubt and limitations.
I come from hard work and determination.
I am different and I have my expectations.
I am set to be myself and no one else.
No one else but myself,
So I end my society standards
And go on with what makes me happy,
I am unique with the certainty that I will succeed regardless of what others say.

Hansberry College Prep

I AM A TALL RAMBUNCTIOUS Light Skinned Black Girl
But I’M not your “average” Black Girl You see
Because I’M nothing Special because I’m filled with flaws please hold the applause because By saying that I’m not perfect is saying that GOD IS MY GOD. BECAUSE I’M ONLY COOL IF I SMOKE WEED. PARTY AND HAVE SEX WHICH is a HEX. MY SMILE IS KILLER WITHOUT NO FILTER. I AM THAT LITTLE GIRL THAT IN THE CORNER THAT EVERYDAY I WAKE UP I WANT 5 MIN TO PUT LIFE ON SNOOZE. BUT I AIN’T NO FOOL BECAUSE I”M MAKING IT THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL BEING COOL WITHOUT TRYING BE A TOOL. I AM A BRAVE YOUNG GIRL THAT HAS ELOQUENCE FROM MY HANDS TO MY TOES WHICH INTIMIDATE SOME GIRLS THAT WHY I HAVE MANY FOES. BUT SOMETIMES MY HEART IS SO COLD AND BELIEVE ME I KNOW I HAVE A BIG NOSE. BUT I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SELL MY SOUL FOR 10MINS RELAXATION. MY MIND IS ALWAYS ON AN ONGOING VACATION THAT HAS MANY TEMPTATIONS AND SENSATIONS matter of fact my Grandma in the kitchen cooking bacon. To be Honest my mind is just a chemical reaction to these attractions just like insurgent my mind has many factions. I know I play too much because I’m the youngest of 5 please no side eyes. But know this I was cut from a different cloth than you because they started making it when I was born and stop making 1 second later.


Nancy Ngo
Lane Tech High School

I have an appeal for Mathematics and Science.
I loathe Writing and English.
I am very dedicated to studies although I do procrastinate very much.
I love to surf the internet, YouTube and Netflix in my free time.
I tend to waste time and do things at the very last minute,
I should really change that.
I am of an uncommonly tall height for an Asian girl, according to my family and friends.
I do want to be taller despite the stereotypes.
I have superbly straight, black hair.
I get mistaken for being Filipino for my tan skin.
I tan very easily, but I really like to be pale.
I tend to challenge myself to the limit.
I can be outgoing when I want to be.
I can state my opinion when I want to.
I do not stand for anything intolerable.
I am me, and no one can change that.



Name: Ravion Clay
School: Christ the King Jesuit College Prep
Age: 16

R- Ravishing
A- Ambitious
V- Vibrant
I- Intelligent
O- Outstanding
N- Nonchalant



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