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July 25, 2014

By:Paradise Austin

I’m an intern at Loteria Films and they’re working on a project called the Return, which is about the law prop 36 that passed in 2012. Prop 36 shortened the sentence of people serving life under the three strikes law, which was one of the harshest criminal sentencing laws in the nation. This project is interesting to me because I gained a lot of knowledge about the judicial system. I never knew that people could get 25 years to life for a non-violent crimes. Yesterday we went to Options to sit and talk with people who where formally incarcerated under the three strikes law. When I was talking with these people and listening to their stories I was filled with indignation, because most of these people where convicted for non violent crimes. I met a man who served 15 years for being found with a piece of crack on him. This made me angry because there are people who have serious criminal files and serve less time than that, it just doesn’t make sense.  I learned that some things in life just isn’t fair.  Thanks to the law Prop 36 a lot of people are free.

Here are  hyperlinks to Loteria Films & The Return’s facebook

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