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Narina-JonesJuly 3, 2014
By:Narina Jones
Yesterday, Global Girls of Oakland were able to meet a amazing woman in film making. Eliciana Nascimento, is a 29 year old Brazilian film maker. She is a first person in her family to graduate from college and has lived in the United States for six years. Originating from El Salvador de Bahia, she grew up in a impoverished community, that lacks quality education and opportunities that leads to competition to attend college. To continue, the girls in the community have children early. Despite having a local college in Brazil, a person must be well educated to pass exams.

Throughout school, Eliciana invested and taught herself so she can be ready for college despite not having parents with quality education. Through her films “Hip-Hop in Seven Lives” and ‘The Summer of Gods” she lets people see the movements and traditions that are held in Brazil. Explaining one key difference from Brazil and the United States, Eliciana said, “The United States is anti social compared to Brazil where is there is more unity. ” The work Eliciana Nascimento has done, inspired girls in Brazil because these girls do not have the opportunities to experience film making. Luckily Eliciana was able to get a scholarship to attend college to major in Communications, where she then applied to a film making program in San Francisco. Graduating from San Francisco’s masters program in film making has caused her family to be proud of her.

In closing, Eliciana taught us different methods of working with films and we all enjoyed her company. As we closed the interview I asked her about her impression of the Global Girls of Oakland and she quoted ” I enjoyed being with the Global Girls of Oakland. These girls were amazing, ready to learn, and future professional journalists and film makers.”


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