GGM Oakland: Body Image

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June 30, 2014
By: Narina Jones
Today in 2014, there are images that glorify girls with smaller figures. The present image of beauty and being fit has changed from past decades, causing massive amounts of girls to develop eating disorders. How can this problem be addressed? What can be done to help us girls who dont “Fit” in the category of being beautiful?First of all, it takes self-acceptance. No one should determine how beautiful someone else is but themselves. Self-acceptance shows that you are strong and unbreakable, due to the fact that everyone can not look the same.Secondly, having confidence in who you are. The girls people think are the most perfect also have flaws. Despite their flaws, these women walk with their head high. People look up to women with a lot of confidence and this allows other women with similar figures to gain confidence in themselves.

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