The Desert Sun Features GlobalGirl Janelly and Mother/Madre Project


The Desert Sun featured a piece written by GlobalGirl Janelly Martinez about creating the Mother/Madre project I Am Not Ashamed. In the article, titled “Coachella Girl Proud of Her Mother,” Janelly tells readers about her mother’s early life and her experience with the GlobalGirl Media project Mother/Madre: My mother, who goes by Mari, immigrated to the United States in her late teens. My mother met my father at a dancing party when she was around 18 and had my older sister shortly afterward. She started working in agricultural fields at age 23, after my dad had to take time off because of an enlarged heart. In the summer, when it’s too hot to grow anything in the Coachella Valley, she and my dad, who works at the same bell pepper farm, find work in the fields of Oxnard or Bakersfield. Sometimes I go with them and we live in small, rented apartments. Sometimes I stay in Coachella with my grandparents. I had visited my mom in the fields before the movie project, but filming her gave me a different point of view. It’s like she has two full-time jobs.


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